Miranda Steinhauser

Automotive and Product Designer

Currently Creative Automotive Designer for General Motors since 2014

One of two primary Designers on
GM’s Award Winning Ariv Mobility Merge and Meld Folding eBike!

Flux Electric Motorbike 
Capstone Project

Director's Choice Winner
DAAPworks 2014

Final Design Poster Presentation
Displayed at DAAPworks 2014 in Cincinnati

The US has a long and important history with the design, innovation, and riding of motorcycles. Unfortunately, the culture of riding has faded over the last several decades, and the average age of American motorcyclists has risen dramatically from 24 years old in 1980, to now over 50

I challenged myself in this project to seek out how the motorbike industry can evolve and invest in its future survival by engaging, teaching, and inspiring young people to explore the joys of riding Americans have known for 100 years. By investigating new materials, improving current maintenance and upgrading issues, and determining a brand identity that captures young individuals, I feel Flux is a unique and provocative solution to attract young Americans to riding once again.

Below is a condensed explanation of the project
Download the complete process book here (17mb)

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