Miranda Steinhauser

Automotive and Product Designer

Currently Creative Automotive Designer for General Motors since 2014

One of two primary Designers on
GM’s Award Winning Ariv Mobility Merge and Meld Folding eBike!

Motorola Mobility Electronics & Accessories

Chicago, IL
Recently purchased by Google in 2012, Motorola Mobility has become a rapidly evolving company in the electronics industry. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing team, and witness some of the amazing changes that are happening there. During my time with Motorola, I participated in various brainstorms for future products, research and testing for the recently released Moto X phone, and helped with the ideation and 3D CAD modeling of the following products.

Moto Buds
Bluetooth Headset


Moto Rapid Charger Duo
Power Adapter


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