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Speck Products iPhone Accessories

Palo Alto, CA
During my time with Speck, I had the opportunity to design various patterns and cases for the iPhone and other electronic devices. I quickly became acquainted with the basics of softgoods, as well as pre-production prototyping methods. The Fitted Woody Case below was a product I took on by myself and completed from concept to production.


Fitted Woody Case
For iPhone 4S

The 150 unique cases are made from real mahogany and laser-etched with the Speck logo . Packaging was custom designed for the limited edition case, and each case is etched on the inside with the "Woody" logo and is individually numbered 1-150. The case was released on Black Friday and a Limited Edition case and sold out within the first 24 hours of release.


Fitted FabShell
iPhone 5

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