Miranda Steinhauser

Automotive and Product Designer

Currently Creative Automotive Designer for General Motors since 2014

One of two primary Designers on
GM’s Award Winning Ariv Mobility Merge and Meld Folding eBike!

Speck Products iPhone Accessories

Palo Alto, CA
During my time with Speck, I had the opportunity to design various patterns and cases for the iPhone and other electronic devices. I quickly became acquainted with the basics of softgoods, as well as pre-production prototyping methods. The Fitted Woody Case below was a product I took on by myself and completed from concept to production.


Fitted Woody Case
For iPhone 4S

The 150 unique cases are made from real mahogany and laser-etched with the Speck logo . Packaging was custom designed for the limited edition case, and each case is etched on the inside with the "Woody" logo and is individually numbered 1-150. The case was released on Black Friday and a Limited Edition case and sold out within the first 24 hours of release.


Fitted FabShell
iPhone 5

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